Tuesday, 28 April 2009

a friend

Being a hard nosed Scot its rarely I show emotions. OLd poker face. However Janice and I have recently had a tough time, family wise.

Yesterday however my old Professor frind paid me a visit . A chat and a coffee. His was the foot which kicked me in to education when I retired. First Dundee University then St.Andrews. Both he and my wife supported me in my dotage in my medieval history and language studies. Among others they were there to support me again in my tripe by pass op..

His visit made me think of the friends I have and a bit of gratitude I show is not enough. While the family is something I've no choice over I can certainly pick good friends.

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Tom H said...

One side of my family is from Scotland. Don't know if I heard this from them or not, but is seems true.

"Too soon old, too late smart"

Friends can mean a lot, and so can family---some of them that is.