Friday, 30 January 2015

Catch up.

well wanting to write must be an improvement.
We're almost in February and the most snow we've had is here.  Plenty time for more.  Below is style I like. the carver is Polish.  I like the over all roundness and his clean cuts.
There is of course he's sampled some of that high octane fuel the call voga

Wednesday, 21 January 2015


I feel an explanation is called for.  The lack of activity I could n't avoid.  Janice's health continued to decline up to her death in 21/4/12.  To be honest I had a breakdown mentally this was obviously caused by her death.  This was exasperated by her family's reaction, or lack of action.  However thanks in a large part to the support of a neighbour I'm crawling out of athe dark pit.  My carving has been occasional .  Mainly because of the demands on my time, housework cooking exercising Jimee.
We have an additional family memer Ming a Siamese I bought as a kitten. So let's hope I can keep this blog uptodate.

Tuesday, 29 November 2011


We came north a bit for a break.   Hoping a change of scenery would help Janice.  It worked out well.  The cottage is the Old Post Office at Dubford on the south side of  the Moray Firth.   An old building, stone built with walls 3 foot thick. With recent winds reaching 90m.p..h  I'M GLAD.

  There is also a sawmill here, so I 've got some more lime wood  to spoil.   First time for years I've not carved something.  The withdrawals  are setting in , but tomorrow we return home.

Friday, 25 November 2011

hybernation ends

First an apology for neglecting this blog for almost a year.
There isa reason,we went to Kracow for a holiday, when we disembarked my wife Janice collapsed on the runway.   Then a series of collapsing till the last one on our return to Scotland.   She spent 14days in the acute ward of the hospital.    Since then the illness has not been identified so no treatment.  She is on oxygen 24 hrs a day.

   Obviously my priorities have changed, time has to be spent doing chores I have left to Janice.
However we hope than I can return to blogging.

Friday, 31 December 2010

de Gaulle

First sorry about de Gaulle being a messy eater, I did n't notice that ketchup stain till after I took the photo.  For a couple of reasons I'm running out of carving wood so this is a bit prefabricated, 4 pieces in all.  Interesting but restricting.    I'd like to carve all WW2 leaders . However for the time being I'm fish stuff out of the trash bin.

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Cauld laddie

If nothing else its seasonal!  I fished a messed up carving from the bin and got this out of it around 5 inches in height, limewood.