Monday, 27 July 2009

more wood destroyed

I'm getting the hang of this destroying perfect wood. This time its apple wood a whole new field opens up for me. Sorry about the photo quality.
However its my take on the Nordic God Odin. That means its not my design do n't remember where I got it. Been using my mini knifes and Oar Carver . A friend , he carves and quilts, said the Oar was a knifeworth having. He's right but it took be time to get the hang of it.

Monday, 20 July 2009


We Brits have an obsession when it comes to the weather. Stuck for a topic, the weather is there.
Why, well in fairness its changeable here. From not too bad to bloody terrible. Geographically its to be expected, were on the same latitude as south Alaska. Without the Gulf Stream we'd be in real trouble. Add to that that we are a group of small isles then all is as it should be. What is a pest is the timing of unwelcome weather. My wife's had a week's break from work it rained almost every day. So now she's back at work its stopped.

Carving wise, I've just finished the walking stick for my friend. Giving it a good coating and shine before I send it. I'll check the postage rates before I go any further. I may have to cut the stave to make it cost effective.

Thursday, 16 July 2009

walking stick,

Another walkingstick, a bit different from the last one. I've been trying to carve green wood, apple mainly. As part of this I carved a cane handle, this I joined to a piece of well seasoned holly. An embossed piece of brass was used to hide the joint. A leather lace was used to create the loop.

Saturday, 11 July 2009


Well because of red tape getting plice chacks etz, I've been waiting to do volunteer work for the charity my wife works for. This is for my benefit. Over the last few yeas I've became more reclusive, happy in my wife's and my dogs' comany. The loner has always been part of my make up. So to put the brakes on this developing any further I've taken this step. Nothing big, a few hours a month. My first job will be to help Roberta with a voice recognition programme she has on her PC.
You never know it might stop me being a self centered auld geht.

Thursday, 9 July 2009

wee boy

This is small carving of wee boy. Limewood and wood stain . Its obvious photography is not my thing. It's meant to be a "no see um" carving. One of my friends, Pau; is severly handicaped physicaly. He can only move 2 fingers in one hand. He's told my wife who works with him he's getting a shelf erected in his room for my carvings, I think he's hinting at something. The size of the shelf might be an indication.

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Well how did that happen.

We'd a small windfall, my share let me buy two traveling set from Cape Forge. I've been using them a fair bit and think they are great. These are the wee sets I'm talking about. Then last night I broke one. Nothing to do with the craftmansip. Jimee the Dally has a tail like a stock whip, and it hit the knife from the table to the floor. I picked it up unaware of anything wrong. When I came to tidy up I then notice the tip of the knife had broken clean off. Of course its the one I used most.
Moral of this story, Things happen.