Saturday, 9 May 2009

a week before the Flood

We went to the Black Isle for a break
It rained yes for 6 days it rained. Just to make it less boring it blew. I mean it blew, gale force at times.

The dogs picture reflect there opinion.
Just to make it more fun the windscreen wipers malfunctioned, not all the time only in a downpour! I managed to get one to work and we drove through it yesterday.
Today Jimee staerted his Gold Level Class , to pass this will keep us both busy.


The Great Ethan Allen said...

Hey hey! I know what it is like when a wiper blade fails..Always during a hellish rain storm! I had to epoxy it back together because it had stripped out the teeth. Now it works fine and there is no rain... go figure.

diy said...

Sod's Law?

MackTheKnife said...

Ah, John, just think: if it wasn't for horrid weather and malfunctioning machines, your life would be sooooo boring! :)

diy said...

Ah you see my problem is facts. Every May there is an event called the Ultimate Challenge. This an event for mountain goats- like I was- to walk across the hills of Scotland ,west to east.. Records show the month of May to be the driest of the 12. This is why I picked May for our holiday. All I can say is I've seen drier weeks in the rainy season of west Africa. In the words of a failed politician; "It was not fit for purpose".