Thursday, 25 June 2009

Bloody Gremlins at work here.

Janice's walking stick

Like everyone my wife is getting older, gone are the days we'd trot up the Lomond to have an outdoor snack. So with that in mind I made her this fancy walking stick. Its from a pattern in this issue of WI. The theme is sourced from a gargoyle on Notre Dam cathedral . I've continued the stone work down the stick. The buffalo horn joiner helps set it off. Well for some reason I can n't upload the images.

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

leaf spoon

This might interest you Mack.

The wood is spalted beech, I choose it because of the figuration. The design is not mine and entirely non useable as a spoon. The colour is wood dye which I put on sparingly. Aimed for an Autumn look.
Like I said useless for my porridge .

Monday, 22 June 2009

Jimee's gold

Calm down he has n't struck it rich.

As you all know I've two dogs, Jimee is the younger 19 month old Dalmatian. He's progressed through bronze and silver at the Kennel Club behaiour classes and on Saturday he passed his gold. We're all pleased with him. Janice was there and Gale the woman who bred him. Of then all Jimee and I were the most laid back! He got the medal I got a hug.

I'm new to this breed but I'm told on a regulat basis, they are stupid, head strong ., stupid etc."
There are, in my opinion more stupid folk than stupid dogs. He's been different from others I've trained, Beearded collies and German Shepherds. Given my lack of breed knowledge it says a lot for Jimee's natural ability.

When he was six months old we went to a local obdience class. Before we could enrol we we're informed;
I was too old for a dog that size;
That breed were untrianable.

For once I kept the cool and did a u turn.
When his gold medal is inscribed I'm going back to tell this person what I think of her. Looking forward to that, so will Jimee, he speaks on command.

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Walnut dolphin

SWMBO seen a carving - good one of a dolphin. When she asked if I'd give one a try I knew better than to offer a negative reply. Then she added, " in that bonny wood". Walnut.!!! What the hell. I asked around and got every response from do n't go there to its the best of carving wood. Anyhow I paid for some imported wood, American Black walnut and I've got to say its great to carve. So two pluses I 've learned a bit and also gained brownie points from Janice.

Monday, 15 June 2009

I'm back the pc.

Had a run of things not going to the way I planed, whats new. When through the appointments and with specialists, surgeons etc to have an op.. Sat there on the bed ready for the knife when it was decided it was necessary to have some more heart tests.! No comment!

Then the old pc began playing up. Got it repaired and my eife claimed it. So looked around for another one. Here we are again rarin' to go.
My first attempt at carving walnut, the spoon is for friends in South Africa.