Monday, 20 April 2009

Yabba dabba dooo.

After using the kitchen table and half the work tops for my carvings Janice finally agreed that the spare bedroom would be a better idea. Took my years but its paid off. To be fair the grandkids used the room as a bedroom when they were younger but now its mine all mine. Who says prayers are not answered?

Its a smallish room but I can make a working den out of it . She even suggested I have a cable telly there! Might be a good idea for the football and boxing and radio.
While the shed is great for rough work I like a bit of comfort to carve in.


The Great Ethan Allen said...

congratz on your own work space! You will find out just how small it is in no time, I'm sure. Now you can add a dust collector, bandsaw, table saw, tool chest, work bench, etc, etc, etc....

diy said...

Oh I would n't dare, SWMBO made it clear these stay in the shed. She works a lot though. With all these sharpies, chisels knives etc I'll put a lock on the door, for safety of course.