Friday, 3 April 2009


You know some folk simply do not listen, or cann't. I phones and got the boss of the IT I deal with explaining my Windows Explorer was crashing. His technician came out and I told him. He worked at it in my abscence but informed me all was fixed.
When I checked the pc was still malfunctioning , the WI crashing like banks.
Phoned his boss. Oh we thought it was Internet Explorer. Now there is no way that bad phonetics explain that one.

However the techie came out today and after an hour said he did n't know what was wrong. Nether did I thats why I phoned him in the first place.!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tom H said...

I know what you mean! Luckily, in our town we have a very technician. I asked him if he had ever been "stumped", and not been able to fix a computer. He replied "never", but he did admit that a few times the customer did not like his "fix". Those were the times that he said, "their damned computer had over heated and burnt up, or was hit by ligntening; and the "fix" was buy a new one.

diy said...

THis man has not even returned to face the problem.