Tuesday, 28 April 2009

a friend

Being a hard nosed Scot its rarely I show emotions. OLd poker face. However Janice and I have recently had a tough time, family wise.

Yesterday however my old Professor frind paid me a visit . A chat and a coffee. His was the foot which kicked me in to education when I retired. First Dundee University then St.Andrews. Both he and my wife supported me in my dotage in my medieval history and language studies. Among others they were there to support me again in my tripe by pass op..

His visit made me think of the friends I have and a bit of gratitude I show is not enough. While the family is something I've no choice over I can certainly pick good friends.

Friday, 24 April 2009

Janice's fish

I'd intended this for a friend, however SWMBO wants it. No big deal. The carving is pierce carved limewood and acrylic washes used.
We've a new bathroom going in later and Janice wants this for it.
The toilet seat might also get a carve - if so I know who can help me!

Thursday, 23 April 2009

The photo I could n't upload. This pc is an endagered item, a ball hammer might be the solution.

Got a beginning to change the purpose of the room. I've got to the stage of putting up shelves. The weather has been so fine that being inside is a pain. Then thats normal for me, feelig more comfortable out side.

Jester carving

Well as an economy drive this was a geat carving. Can n't rember exactly how many samll pieces went into the Jester but at least six.

On the carving side it was a different topic for me, but one I enjoyed. I try to vary the subject and add a bit of chip carving. I also "do" cryptic crosswords with the same aim; my solo brain cells needs exercise.

Monday, 20 April 2009

Yabba dabba dooo.

After using the kitchen table and half the work tops for my carvings Janice finally agreed that the spare bedroom would be a better idea. Took my years but its paid off. To be fair the grandkids used the room as a bedroom when they were younger but now its mine all mine. Who says prayers are not answered?

Its a smallish room but I can make a working den out of it . She even suggested I have a cable telly there! Might be a good idea for the football and boxing and radio.
While the shed is great for rough work I like a bit of comfort to carve in.

Thursday, 16 April 2009

SWMBO's birthday.

We'd a party for hJanice''s 60th. last night. As usual I tried sneaaking out before the photo taking started,. Got muscled in to a seat and thats the result.

However apart from that a good time with amusing friends, they are all daft.

Sunday, 12 April 2009


This is the largest carving I've attempted to date - 9 inches tall. Its based on a photo and resembles the late Pavarotti. Maybe the biggest fault is the number of teeth I've given him. I also believe it was better not painted. Anyhow I enjoyed the carving which is now on the outer cable of my shed.

Friday, 10 April 2009


Oh aye the carving, I did that from a rough out last winter.
Any thought that there is a time in life we stop learning got a real dint these last few days. The first was from my disabled pal Roberta. We'd worked on a speech recognition programme together in the hope it would give her independant access to her pc. After a period, 2/3 hours I was at the stage of banging my head on the table.. Our progress was so slow. However we'd made a start.
Unknown to me she's roped in my wife, who works with her and another carer to continue on the programme. Roberta sent me an email she had dictated herself. The first she'd done on her own, and the best I'd ever received . Sure there were misataked and a lot of them, but she'd done it.

Then just now I visited the Out West page , and spent sometime really looking at Lynn's work. His dedication to carving is obvious.

Both Roberta and Lynn made me realise success is built largly on perseverance. You'd think at near 70 years old I'd know that!

Friday, 3 April 2009


You know some folk simply do not listen, or cann't. I phones and got the boss of the IT I deal with explaining my Windows Explorer was crashing. His technician came out and I told him. He worked at it in my abscence but informed me all was fixed.
When I checked the pc was still malfunctioning , the WI crashing like banks.
Phoned his boss. Oh we thought it was Internet Explorer. Now there is no way that bad phonetics explain that one.

However the techie came out today and after an hour said he did n't know what was wrong. Nether did I thats why I phoned him in the first place.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

background change.

I decided the plate I'd carved did n't show up the Keltic design. After varnishing lightly I applied a mixture of oil paints, blue and black.

Sorry about the photo. The windows explorer is not working.

My Day

Apart from a few Saints we do n't hve many who a day all for their selves.
I'm proud this day is in my name.