Sunday, 10 May 2009

Here's my latest bit o' spoiled wood. Being an apprentice I hope to learn as I go. The design or layout I put down on paper first, looked ok to me. However I made a pigs ear of the carving. The rosette is deep carved while the thistles are shallower. This made the whole look "odd". The top came at you and the bottom went away. To counteract this I tried a mixture of brown acrylic and BLO. While its balance the carving I'm not enamored with the end result.

Saturday, 9 May 2009

a week before the Flood

We went to the Black Isle for a break
It rained yes for 6 days it rained. Just to make it less boring it blew. I mean it blew, gale force at times.

The dogs picture reflect there opinion.
Just to make it more fun the windscreen wipers malfunctioned, not all the time only in a downpour! I managed to get one to work and we drove through it yesterday.
Today Jimee staerted his Gold Level Class , to pass this will keep us both busy.