Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Two blogs in one day, is this addictive? However this is an ancestor of mine Mad Mac. He was regarded as the village fool this was confirmed when he asked the local smith to make him a sword he could n't lift. When the battle summons came, in the form of a fiery cross all the village men set off for Culloden. The handicap of the sword made Mad Mac a day late for the fight.. He drooped his sword among the dead and run home. He ran into the arms of newly widowed Jean, dead Hamish's wife .
Its said that the main spt of our clan has produced Scottish politicians from his union with Jean.
True? Would I lie?


MackTheKnife said...

A good carving and a good story to go with it! Seems to me that Mad Mac was crazy like a fox! Which might explain the politician angle.

diy said...

You got that right.

Robert said...

Mad Mac looks mighty fierce, or a bit mad maybe. Nice looking carving, good job.