Sunday, 22 March 2009

A beginning

Got a start to Albresht. I've a piece of fruit wood. appleAbout 4 " square. This Ibelieve will hold the hair cuts better than lime. Unfortunately its a haed carve. The grain is strong , it's an experiment for me, if it does n't work I've a bit of lime that I can use. As I'm prefabricating this carving I've carved a foot.

Apart from that, spent 2 hours with Roberta trying to get her to complete the feed in for a speech recognition programme. As she can n't read this I saw as an aid. Unfortunately her inablity to read also meant I'd to read and repeat to her. Her inability to do this accurately made it a frustating task for both of us.
We'll leave it for a day or twoamd have a break .

WEather strong to gale force winds.

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