Thursday, 19 March 2009

I've cracked it.

How about this . After almost 70 years of backing non runners I've hit upon an idea that works. The answer to several problems a chemenaue. A simple clay fire with a chimney. Waste wood, and I mean waste was beginning to create a problem. My friend Roberta likes sitting outside when she can. The problem of course is its too bloody cold for her, given our climate thats most of the time.
So the fire is a heater as well.
The caricature; I 'm the off spring of generations of Seaforths Highlanders. The British used us and other Highlanders to complete their version of Fatwas. I caused a major family fight when I preferred going to sea. Glad I did the tradition is ended as are the Seaforths. No need for the Ladies from Hell it seems. Well thats for now, but the historonic ties and traditions are gone, thanks to English Whitehall.


MackTheKnife said...

Just goes to show the truth of the saying that even a blind pig finds an acorn sometime. ;)

Nice Highlander you got there, but it's a shame they traded in the kilts for the tartan overalls.

diy said...

If they were in Bagdad and left to their own devices it would all be over.