Sunday, 15 March 2009


Never been fond of gambling, money that is. After the results of yesterdays football followed by the boxing I'm glad.
Manchester United beaten by Liverpool, would have lost me a heap. Then I went through the Man boxing card and picked the loser in five fights. So Am I glad or am I glad?

This is an idea I put together for a tea pot. A friend wanted something for her sister' Xmas, the sister collects tea pots. Strangely I liked the end result. They must have liked it as they want another for her birthday.


MackTheKnife said...

Good Lord! What an enormous amount of work! I would have probably gone blind. Or blinder than I am already. Afraid I wouldn't have the patience to do the layout, much less the carving.

diy said...

That particular lay out did take longer than the carving. I made up the pattern from what remains of a brain I once had. The handle has the initials of the woman who collects T pots. Now I've got to come up with another design. Maybe a pyramid including the lid.!