Sunday, 1 February 2009


Inspite of anti flue jabs, anti biotics and every cure known to man a chest infection has floored me. Even my daily walk with the dogs has been limited, fortunately Janice has stepped in so they have not lost out.

However work on the ale cup which is in my work shed has stopped for just now.


Tom H said...

First off, thanks for following my blog (Quiltingandcarving). I sure hope you get to feeling better, that carving project is waiting. And speaking of your carving project; that's quite an undertaking. When done, it will be a great carving. What other types of carving do you do?

diy said...

I'll have to simplify the one I'm making. The piece of wood is not big enough.
I do n't bother what I carve I enjoy carving for it's own sake. The way I see it as a 2nd year apprentice I need to vary the type of carving I do to improve.