Friday, 27 February 2009


Well the old banger needed a new radiator. So I'm £238 lighter. Fortunately they are cheap to but, Volvos but this one is getting old.
Got the dogs out today as the weather is finr, almost spring like. Finished this fella yesterday, fun do do him.


MackTheKnife said...

I know all about having to pump money into the money-pits we call personal transportation. Just went down that road myself.

Nice clown! What kind of wood did you use? Acrylic or oil paint? How big is he?

Bob Tinsley

diy said...

Aye its the same everywhere. Except the price of fuel.
The clown is acyclic painted on limewood. Stands around 6".
I've made it for a workmate of my wife's. Unfortunately management have downgraded her for the wrong reasons . The poor woman has three drummers in the family, so hopefully this will give her a laugh.