Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Well how did that happen.

We'd a small windfall, my share let me buy two traveling set from Cape Forge. I've been using them a fair bit and think they are great. These are the wee sets I'm talking about. Then last night I broke one. Nothing to do with the craftmansip. Jimee the Dally has a tail like a stock whip, and it hit the knife from the table to the floor. I picked it up unaware of anything wrong. When I came to tidy up I then notice the tip of the knife had broken clean off. Of course its the one I used most.
Moral of this story, Things happen.


The Great Ethan Allen said...

There is nothing like dropping your favorite chisel, that is so razor sharp it peels through the wood like butter, onto the concrete floor cutting end down. It puts a lovely groove on the edge so it has to be reground and resharpened. I hate sharpening! Hope you can fix your knife!

Tom H said...

And it can be fixed. Just use a diamond or similar "stone" and take your time.

diy said...

I've ground the spine a little and rounded it off. I now have a micro knife.