Monday, 20 July 2009


We Brits have an obsession when it comes to the weather. Stuck for a topic, the weather is there.
Why, well in fairness its changeable here. From not too bad to bloody terrible. Geographically its to be expected, were on the same latitude as south Alaska. Without the Gulf Stream we'd be in real trouble. Add to that that we are a group of small isles then all is as it should be. What is a pest is the timing of unwelcome weather. My wife's had a week's break from work it rained almost every day. So now she's back at work its stopped.

Carving wise, I've just finished the walking stick for my friend. Giving it a good coating and shine before I send it. I'll check the postage rates before I go any further. I may have to cut the stave to make it cost effective.

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