Monday, 22 June 2009

Jimee's gold

Calm down he has n't struck it rich.

As you all know I've two dogs, Jimee is the younger 19 month old Dalmatian. He's progressed through bronze and silver at the Kennel Club behaiour classes and on Saturday he passed his gold. We're all pleased with him. Janice was there and Gale the woman who bred him. Of then all Jimee and I were the most laid back! He got the medal I got a hug.

I'm new to this breed but I'm told on a regulat basis, they are stupid, head strong ., stupid etc."
There are, in my opinion more stupid folk than stupid dogs. He's been different from others I've trained, Beearded collies and German Shepherds. Given my lack of breed knowledge it says a lot for Jimee's natural ability.

When he was six months old we went to a local obdience class. Before we could enrol we we're informed;
I was too old for a dog that size;
That breed were untrianable.

For once I kept the cool and did a u turn.
When his gold medal is inscribed I'm going back to tell this person what I think of her. Looking forward to that, so will Jimee, he speaks on command.


MackTheKnife said...

Congratulations to Jimmie and you! When you go back to see that woman that told you you were too old, give her what-fer from me too.


The Great Ethan Allen said...

Congrats! I love dog shows! And I agree on the stupid people not stupid dogs. It's a lazy owner that blames the bad behavior on the dog instead of himself. As for me...I have cats! They roll over speack and shake on command. Even had one turn the lights off and reach for the door handle when he wanted to go out in the garage. And these are cats! If you can train a cat, you can train a dog easier.