Saturday, 4 December 2010


 Here's some of the Santas I've carved.  The shelf sitter looks as though he's in his underwear.
The snow for the first time today shows signs of a thaw.  Because of the changing wather in this part of the world we'll get this regular in the winter. Snow thaw, snow and all the mess it suggests.
Both Janice and I are keen ebook readers and have used this a lot because of the weather.  I'm reading a book on the loose of freedom of speech, I'm half way through it and have to say its made me more convinced that being PC is not something I find I want to aim for.  Seems to me that if I  do n't follw the dictates of a minority, usually of foreign origin I become a racist.  Do n't hold with being rude nor offensive but feel I retain the right to express myself.

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