Tuesday, 28 December 2010

opinions needed

 Can I begin by saying I'm not keen on what goes under the guise of PC.  Nor do I believe in tramping over the feelings of others.

 I recently posted my latest caricature, Hitler.  This seemed to provoke an over reaction from a fellow carver.  " throw that efigy into the stove".   First of all I will not do as dictated to. 

  This is one of a deries of WW2 figures I want to carve, de Gaulle is almost finished,

 My question is , does anyone else find this caricature offensive?
Let me know.


MackTheKnife said...

Hi, John.

The Hitler figure, besides being one of the best you've done, is absolutely offensive, but in a good way! :) We need to be constantly reminded of what he did. We must never forget, and we must never allow that to happen again. And as part of a collection of WW Deuce figures, he is a necessary addition. So keep on keeping on. Continue to persevere and all that stuff. Don't let the Putz Coalition get you down.


merci2358 said...

At first glance, I found the sight of Hitler offensive, but I suppose that's the way it should be, because of what he did. I don't find it offensive that you made a carving of him. In fact, it's a tribute to your carving that it evokes the reaction that it does. Keep it up. I enjoy your blog. Must update my own soon. Happy New Year to you!

diy said...

I try to keep my own beliefs to myself however.
My father was wounded at Dunkirk and spent three at Fort George to prepare for the final offensive. I and my mother spent these years with him . We lost several of our extended family in that war. I spent 4 yeras at university studying history. I've visted Auswitch and Oranienberg concentration camps. . On this basis I'm no admirer of the Nazis , by political views are at the other end of the political spectrum.

So thank fro you feedback. I dislike causing contraversary, inless I do it intentionaly.