Tuesday, 12 January 2010

I wanted to bite the dog.

As its common knowledge I love my dogs what would create such an urge?. I DONE MY BACK IN,AGAIN. After two visits to a phscio I've now returned to a normal state.i.e. my normal crabby self.

My wife Janice has got to be the most thoughtful person around. BUT she bought this three tier storage unit for my carvin stuff. In spite of this being a "bargain" its appearance ; well needed a lot to be desire. So after a bit of soft soaping she agreed it needed somthing ,well the end result is there.


Tom H said...

The after photo, sure looks better to me too. Good work there.

diy said...

Tom for once I was diplomatic and got Janice to suggest I change the front. Maybe there is hope for me yet.