Wednesday, 4 August 2010

back to normal

WE've had a hectic spell due to my wife have real problems with her back.  Poor woman has been in agony.  Confined to bed most of the last three weeks.  However her treatment seems to be helping and this week shows real improvement.
The above pup has added to disruption at 5 months thats to be expected.  Jimmee the older Dally is trying to teach her some manners. We've had little success todate.

As a result my carving time has been limited.

The wee man looks the way I felt in the chaos while the gorilla was a new field for me.  I think he needs some vegatation , bamboo high grass or something..
On Gene Messers opinions I bought two Mike Shipley knives recently , these are great knives..
Hopefully I'll have more time for my blog now.

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