Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Best Dog at the Wedding

The friend who bred Jimmee got married a fortnight ago. As a surprise we took him along, she was over the moon. He was the first pup she bred and is fond of him. He has a nature that makes it difficult not to like him. That and a lot of work was put into him in his early training.

The lady on the right is Janice my long suffering wife.

Janice and I leave today for Paphos for a fortnight's holiday. Unfortunately we've to leave the two dogs here. However a neighbour boards dogs and treats them well. So off to sit on my rear end in the sun.
I've got the accoutrement's needed for a holiday; cryptic crosswords, a knife and a few bits of wood. A knife making friend wants a spoon carved so I've cut the roughout and hopefully make a spoon he'll enjoy.

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The Great Ethan Allen said...

What a great looking dog! I 've heard that dalmations are rather " springy" But a dog is a reflection of his owner and you must take good care of him to keep him behaved and lovable. Have fun on your trip and happy carving!